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If you have been using a smartphone for the past five or so years, then you are most probably familiar …

Even in the midst of the economic progress, many households, surprisingly, are still wallowing in poverty. The problem of low-income …

If you wish to secure your financial future, you must find out ways and means by which you are able …

Snapchat continues to struggle financially


If you have been using a smartphone for the past five or so years, then you are most probably familiar with the Snapchat app. This is an app that is used as a photo-messaging app. It received a warm welcome from the number of users it had already started to get after it was released.

However, immediately the Snapchat app rose to be a hit among all the people using it some third-party applications all of a sudden appeared to wreck the illusion of a fleeting idea which went away after they were viewed. Just like all the other tools which share media, Snapchat users should be thoughtful and careful about the pictures they send using Snapchat.

SnapChat Crashes Bad!

How it works.

Snapchat works by allowing its users to set a time limit on a picture, video or text they have sent such that the person receiving them can only see them for a few seconds before they disappear.

However, they can still see them again by purchasing them through some in-app deals. You can also add a friend or family from your address book or even your facebook friend list or you can just search for them through their specific handles.

For you to send a picture, you will first need to take a snapshot, the app has an in-app camera for better quality, then you will put a time limit, choose the person you are sending it to then send. They have been able to come up some software that recognizes your face which lets them include animated effects to the pictures of the users this was possible due to the fact that Snapchat works by tapping and holding your image in your front camera.

Losing finances.

In as much as the app may sound fun to use and popular, the company recently said that they are starting to drop financially this is because over the last 3 months the company lost about two million people who are active daily, this made the company lose approximately three million over the past summer going down to a mere hundred and eighty-six (186) million.

The company said that their figures were up the previous year, the consecutive quarterly losses were becoming a trouble for this company which hasn’t been dealing with issues bias and disinformation which were actually putting the other social media companies under a scrutiny.

Snap said that its revenue grew 43% to make a record of $298 million in the 3rd quarter from the previous year, Snap ’s net loss was totaled to about $325 million. This was a bit narrow than the previous year.

The stock of the company which had lost close to half its total worth since the year began had dropped 11% in after-hours trading after they closed at about $6.99 by the end of regular trading.

Since then snap has been facing problems keeping its users, the reason is partly that of a redesign that was not so popular which ended up successfully separating social and media to 2 parts of their app previous year. Snapchat decided to roll back most of the redesign following a revolt from people, however, it has not been easy to win their users back and possibly gain new ones on the way.

The company said most of its users continued to be drawn away from Snapchat’s Android app specifically because it didn’t give similar performance and speed compared to the iPhone app. They said that they are working towards changing its Android app and that they would need some time for the redesign.


The company’s chief executive Evan Spiegel said that they were focusing on the quality compared to speed. The company is expecting to lose active users daily in the present quarter although it is not clear exactly how many people are expected to leave Snapchat.


Snapchat has been securing measures to include to its management. It was reported that recently the company hired two new executives to act as a replacement for Imran Khan the chief strategy officer who had already said he would resign. His position will be shared between a previous advertising major Jeremi Gorman and former chief executive of HuffPost Jared Grusd. They are presently working on a project to try and save Snapchat from drowning further.

17 Creative Ways to Solve Low Income Areas

Solve Low Income Areas

Even in the midst of the economic progress, many households, surprisingly, are still wallowing in poverty. The problem of low-income communities has been around for centuries; however, with the strides that we are making economically, we should at least alleviate the problem.    There are a number of solutions that have been suggested by policy makers and politicians, usually during their campaigns. In some regions, a number of projects are taking shape. Here are 17 creative ways to solve low-income areas:

Start In The Schools!

1.  Raise the minimum wage

People who work minimum wage jobs are the usually the ones in Low-income areas. One way to improve their living standards is to increase the minimum wage and index it to inflation. Some states have enacted minimum wage policy to great effect.

2.  Enact pay equity policy

A large number of low-income households have women as the sole breadwinners. However, statistically, women are paid 78 cents per $1 paid to male workers. Introducing equality in wages across all genders would alleviate poverty and help tackle the problems faced in low-income households.

3.  Create jobs Most people who live in low-income areas have no jobs.

The government should enact policies that create more jobs. Such policies include:  •  Initiating infrastructure projects •  Investing in the renewable energy sector •  Creating a conducive environment for investors   Jobs go a long way in solving the social and economic problems facing low-income areas.

4.  Renovating abandoned housing projects

Low-income areas also grapple with the housing shortages. It’s ironic that in the current building boom, many households can’t find quality and affordable housing. The affordability aspect is a key contributor to the woes of low-income households. Very many such households are paying above one-third of their income on housing.    At the same time, there are millions of high-end abandoned housing projects. These expensive and vacant apartments that can be made into quality affordable houses.

5.  Increased Earned Income Tax Credit for people without children

While workers with children enjoy EITC, their childless colleagues barely receive the benefit. On average, childless workers receive 10% of the EITC given to their colleagues. Increasing the EITC given to childless workers can help bridge the gap and trickle down to the low-income households.

6.  Improve work schedules

Poor people tend to work in jobs with work schedules that change unpredictably. It makes it hard for these people to take care of their families. Stabilizing work schedules is a step in the right direction.

7.  Provide affordable early childhood education

Education, like health care for low-income households, is always a problem. There need to be policies that make it affordable and of good quality.

8.  Create Policies that enable successful

Re-entry of incarcerated citizens When individuals, particularly breadwinners, are incarcerated, they find it hard to regain their footing in society. They are banned from certain welfare programs and can’t even secure a job as most employers use the “one strike and you’re out” policy. This leads to the hardship which leads to people resorting to crime and other misdemeanors to get by.    We need to make it easier for people to reintegrate into society in order to solve systemic issues faced in low-income areas.

9.  Provide universal healthcare access

Most people who live in low-income neighborhoods find it extremely difficult to access basic health care. Making health care more accessible is an important step in easing their lives and improving their standing.

10.  Provide paid leave and sick days

Poor people work in jobs that don’t pay them when they are away on leave irrespective of the reason provided. Sick days are not paid for as well. There needs to be a change so that people can take leaves for family emergencies without having to sacrifice pay.

11.  Implement youth and adult education programs

Basic literacy in low-income areas commonly lacks. The policymakers should fund more programs that provide education to the disadvantaged to enable them to bridge the gap with the middle class.

12.  Implement child welfare

Spending cuts are killing child welfare programs. These children, especially those from unstable, low-income households need all the help they can get. Such programs have a domino effect on improving overall living standards in low-income areas.

13.  Change building codes to make it easier to rehabilitate older buildings

This will enable more affordable housing projects to take off. Consequently, the living conditions of low-income households will be improved.

14.  Enact Inclusionary Zoning policies

IZ policies will ensure that more affordable housing units are built to stem the problem of housing shortages.

15.  Lease-to-purchase programs

Tenants earn bonus equity for paying rent. Over time, it accumulates and can be used as a down payment to buy a new home in the future. It enables low-income households to transition to home ownership.

16.  Favorable Local policy

Local authorities need to prioritize the need to improve living conditions for the poor. Their policies go a long way in providing better education, health, and housing.

17.  Favorable national policy

Spending cuts and other unfavorable national policies are not the way forward in order to solve half of the problems faced. We need the national policies to complement local policies for them to be more effective.

For example, the national government can make it a priority to improve the housing problem.     Irrespective of how good a solution sounds, it requires political goodwill to take off. It is up to the policymakers to see to it that these solutions get implemented so that we can solve the crisis before it gets even worse.

3 Sites To Help You Become An Expert At Finance

finance expert

If you wish to secure your financial future, you must find out ways and means by which you are able to manage your incomes and expenses. You also should find out the right wealth creation options taking into account the specific needs and requirements of individuals. There are many books, journals, and magazines which teach us ways of making money and improving finances.

However, with the progress of internet technology, it is now possible to learn about finances and become an expert. If you spend some time on the internet, it is quite possible that you will come across dozens of such sites sharing tons of information.

However, you need to do some research and select the sites which can help you to not only manage your finances well but also create wealth and become rich over a period of time. We are now happy to share a list of three such sites which we believe could help you to manage your finances and credit better. They also could help you to break free from mediocrity and secure your financial future over a period of time. It will help you have a decent retired life and also you will be able to leave behind something sizeable to your next generation.

Best Finance Blogs


Amongst the many sites available in the market today, there are reasons to believe that Investopedia could be a good choice. It talks about various ways and means by which you can gather the right information and knowledge which could be useful in making money. It does not actually talk about the ways by which you can become a financial expert.

But it does share some useful tips and refers to some sources of information which could be useful in this endeavor. It does focus on self-learning and self-teaching. It suggests the following ways by which you can learn more about finances.      Importance of reading. It refers to some good books which could help you to change your mindsets. These books are quite certainly very useful as far as learning and unlearning are concerned.

While learning is a relatively easy job, unlearning and move away from fixed mindsets, believes and dogmas do require effort. It is here that the role of these books very important and vital. Being in touch with radio, television and podcasts could also help in more ways than one. Many of these avenues are frequented by financial experts and wizards.

Some of the most famous gurus and financial wizards talk about simple and doable steps which could help a lot in, the creation of wealth and build your finances on a strong footing. Importance of talking to experts. Investopedia believes that you need to be in constant touch with experts if you are keen on moving from mediocrity to a situation where you become financially free.

PT Money

PT Money is considered by many to be one of the best options for those who would like to migrate from a novice to a financial expert. The main focus is to move from a state of a novice to one that of an expert. It also gives more emphasis on part-time avenues of making money.

This is preferred by many because they know that they have a steady source of income which they can fall back upon for running their daily lives. It helps them to build their financial muscle and strength carefully without too much stress and tension.      It also does not place too much importance of qualification, experience, certification head other such things. It believes more on common sense approach as the main base on which financial success and expertise can be built and achieved.

Finally PT Money believes that beyond a point the task of becoming an expert cannot be outsourced. It has to be done by you and you alone should be responsible for your actions and consequences.


EduPristine is also a good choice and it is one of the few sites which lay stress on what is referred to as financial modeling. It makes us of excel sheets for very deep and minute study of interpreting various financial statements and the investment and other decisions based on the end result of such calculations and computations. It offers one of the best courses which could be useful for doing the right kind of research based on which the expertise could be developed over a period of time.