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   So you need to get rid of those awful odors and stains from your vehicle? An automotive carpet extractor can help remove those stains and odors right out of your carpet. A carpet extractor can also lift away stains on upholstery as well. Detail Supply Outlet carries several different kinds of hot water extractors at various prices to fit your needs and your budget.

   An automotive carpet extractor can break up dirt and stains by attacking them with hot water, heated to an average of two hundred ten degrees F. This shatters the hold that stains have on your carpets and upholstery. In addition, most automotive carpet extractors have a three stage vacuum that you can reclaim your vehicle's interior with. You will not believe your eyes, auto detailers.

   Even stubborn stains are no match for a hot water carpet extractor. Any of our automotive carpet extractors are indispensable to the auto detailing enthusiast. Nothing else will do to get rid of stubborn stains and greasy dirt accumulated over time. We know how it is folks. We all endure coffee spills, pets, kids, ash, food and other sources of stains all over our vehicle's interior. We call upon the aid of our carpet extractors to do the job that other products cannot or will not do. An automotive carpet extractor will turn a difficult stain removal job into a detailers dream.

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