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Frequently Asked Auto Detailing Questions

Feel Free to Contact us with any other Auto Detailing Questions you may have. Business Phone: 858-279-5772

If you're having trouble getting the results you want, this section may answer your questions, or gain the confidence to figure them out for yourself.

Watch out for those infomercials! Let's remember it's TV and they are just hardcore salesmen trying to make a buck! Every wax I've seen on TV so far is junk, just a waste of your good money. The latest one shows a wash/wax product that goes on with water. Well guys/gals, if it goes on with water, what do you think it comes off with? Sure it might give some protection for a day or two.

Nice try though! Basic rule, don't buy them!

  • What does a clay bar do?

    A. Claying is a process that is designed to remove environmental contaminants in your Clearcoat while leaving a clean smooth glass like finish ready for Wax or Sealant. The clay we are talking about Pro Clay Away Better known as Clay Magic is similar to the toy "Play-doh"  that children enjoy although a special kind is required for car detailing. It performs it's function by deep cleaning the contaminants from the surface of the paint. Giving the car a smooth showroom surface like the day one buys his car.

  • How do you remove swirl marks and light scratches?

    A. 1-Step Method for Swirls & Light Scratches:

    Apply Pro P-21 Swirl Eliminator & Polish with an orbital polisher and a polishing or cutting pad. Leaves a deep, high gloss shine.

  • How do you remove scratches, blemishes and Oxidation marks?

    A. 2-Step method for light scratches, blemishes, and Oxidation marks: 

    Apply Pro P-40 Duz-All Clear Coat Cleaner with an orbital polisher and polishing or cutting pads. Leaves a deep long lasting finish.

  • How do you remove scratches, Acid Rain Etching & Heavy Oxidation ?

    A. 3-Step Method for Scratches, Acid Rain Etching & Heavy Oxidation: 

    Apply Pro P-26 Clear-Cut Compound with a rotary polisher and a polishing or cutting pad. Top off with a Paste Wax, Liquid Wax or Wax Sealant by hand, or with an orbital polisher and a finishing pad.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Polish And A Wax?

    A. There is a lot of confusion about the difference between a polish and a wax. Many manufacturers are marketing waxes as polishes. You have to read the labels closely to really understand what the product does. Professionals know there is a difference between the two. A pure polish is more like a paint conditioner that restores valuable oils to the paint, eliminates fine scratches and creates incredible high gloss that would not be possible with wax. An application of a pure polish should be followed by waxing to protect the shine and extend its life. If you own a dark car, you'll see a dramatic difference, if you apply polish before you wax. If you want a great finish and to hide the scratches, it is best to use quality cleaners, pure polishes and waxes that restore the surface properly

  • What Is Carnauba Wax?

    A. Carnauba wax comes from a species of palm trees in South America and is one of the hardest types of waxes available. It works best when it is properly blended with other waxes so it becomes easier to apply and buff off. It is also best applied after an application of a pure polish. Carnauba Waxes last about 2 months, and can be layered for optimal effect. They also create a tremendous amount of depth on dark colors.

  • How Good Are Waxes Sprayed On At Car Washes?

    A. Because these waxes have to be diluted with water to be sprayed on your car, you are getting minimal protection. Not to mention, if it was durable, the wax would be visible on your windows. It is far better to apply your wax by hand to insure maximum protection. For those owners whose vehicles I polish professionally, I tell them I DO NOT recommend adding wax at the automatic car washes because it will lay on top of my polish, which has a high gloss, and tend to dull that gloss.

  • I've waxed my car, but it still looks dull. Is it the wax?

    A. A true wax should be nothing more than a protective coating with a little color enhancing. A smooth, flawless shine is only achieved by pre-cleaning the paint, before applying the wax. Swirls, light scratches, and oxidized paint are major causes of dull paint. Swirl Removers that utilize mild abrasives, can safely and easily remove surface contaminants. Once they are removed, the paint regains its depth and gloss. Then wax is applied to keep it that way.

  • What is Micro fiber?

    A. Microfiber is an unsurpassed cleaning material Made of a revolutionary yarn that consists of microscopic, wedge-shaped polyester filaments, and a polyamide (nylon) core. These unique wedge shaped filaments lift, and trap, dust particles, grease, waxes, and oily residues - meaning you only need to use with water to clean virtually any surface. This eliminates the need for cleaners and detergents. Just dampen the cloth to clean, or use dry to dust and polish. The polyamide (nylon) core of the fibers creates a "capillary action" that causes it to absorb quickly, and efficiently.

    • Cleans without chemicals
    • Highly absorbent and durable
    • Soft - Won't scratch
    • Safe for all surfaces - including clear coat
    • Removes smudges, grease, and oils with ease
    • It even picks up dust and micro particles like a magnet
    • Each microfiber cloth, if cared for properly, can be washed approximately 500 times and still retain it's characteristics

  • Is it true that some of the new auto paints do not need wax? Is there any type of wax that lasts for 5 years?

    A. ABSOLUTELY NOT on both counts. The secret to paint protection is common sense. If paint can deteriorate in two years, how could something out of a bottle last five years? Liquid Carnauba Waxes last a few weeks. Paste Carnauba Waxes last a couple of months with pampering. Even Paint Sealants will only endure six months of washing. Because wax protection is essential to guard against UV damage, wax often and wash by hand with a Mild Shampoo. NO WAX can withstand automated car washes.

  • What Is Acid Rain?

    A. Emissions from chemical plants, fossil fuel burning power plants and the internal combustion engine are transported and altered in our atmosphere. When deposited onto your vehicle's surface in a dry state it may seem like simple dust, but mix it with a little bit of dew, sprinklers, or rainfall, and you have a mixture of sulfuric acid on your paint finish. Left on the surface for any period of time, and especially if placed in direct sunlight, you will have etching on your paint finish. Typical acid rain damage may first look like water droplets which have dried on the paint and caused discoloration. In some cases, damage appears as a white ring with a dull center. Severe cases show pitting. Depending on the level of defect, you will need to use one of our cleaners to restore the finish accordingly. In many cases, a professional high speed buffing job will probably be the only way to remove the problem.

  • How Can I Keep Acid Rain, Diesel Exhaust, And Hard Water Spots From Attacking My Car's Paint Finish?

    A. This is a daily battle and the question cannot be answered without asking how often you are willing to spend taking care of your car. A simple mist-n-wipe product Pro S-74 Wipeout can save a lot of time and leave your finish in a beautiful state. The faster you can remove the contamination the better.  

  • What is a Paint Sealant also known as Teflon Seal?

    A. A Paint Sealant Pro P-39 Polymer 11 is a liquid polymer wax that can be applied to most any surface. Paint, metal, fiberglass, gel coat, etc. Paint sealants are extremely strong in protection. Paint sealants last about 6 Months to a Year. Excellent protection for your car.

  • What is the best way to clean the interior side of windows? There seems to be a film that's impossible to remove?

    A. Use Pro C-13 Super Glass Gleam it contains a blend of alcohol and grease cutting agents for removing smoke and traffic film.

  • If there is tree sap all over my car's hood and roof. It won't come off with tar removers, or any amount of scrubbing. What should be done?

    A. Old tar, tree sap, and paint over-spray can be easily removed with a miraculous new product called Automotive Clay Pro C-102 Clay Away As you rub it across any type of surface (paint, glass, plastic, metal, rubber, vinyl) it instantly sticks-to and pulls-off all contamination that is stuck to the surface.

  • I was thinking of getting a cover for my car and wondered if it could damage the paint?

    A. You are 100% correct.
    Auto covers cause a tremendous amount of paint damage. They trap dust and grit, and vibrate in the wind. It's no different than rubbing your paint with sandpaper. They also cause uneven fading because the paint under the bra is not exposed to the sun.

  • How do you clean a stained, white canvas convertible top?

    A. You start with a fabric Spot Remover Pro C-49 Cleaner let it soak for a few minutes, scrub with a stiff brush, rinse thoroughly and finish with a professional strength Carpet/Fabric Protectant or Guard Pro PG-77 Pro Gard This method will protect the fabric from UV damage, future stains, and make it water resistant.

    If you have any other Questions please E-mail us at: or go to "Contact Us" page and send us your inquiries.

    Use our Products - PRO® Car Beauty a Trademark of BAF Industries since 1935, Allbrite Car Care Products, stay on the leading edge with Allbrite and enjoy these advantages:

    • Quality: Showroom shine and polish
    • Convenience: Clean your car any time, quickly
    • Cost: Less than a commercial car wash
    • Protection: Adds a layer of clear coat glaze
    • Long Lasting: Many months of protection
    • Easy Upkeep: Your car stays cleaner longer
    • Guarantee: Safe when used according to directions


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