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     Welcome, to the Detail Supply Outlet, your on line source with the most complete line of Professional Car Care Products, Auto Detailing Supplies, Auto Detailing Equipment and Car Detailing Accessories all here available for you. We realize that in today's growing automotive detailing industry, providers of auto detailing products are available in abundance for you. Making the right choice on which products will do the job can be very time consuming and mind boggling.

      Here at Detail Supply Outlet we provide only the finest and most complete line of auto beauty and appearance products available. For more then 65 years, BAF Industries has been manufacturing and distributing PRO products to automotive dealerships, detail shops, car washes, auto auctions and body shops. When you buy PRO products you receive instant protection because everything they sell conforms to U.S. Federal Packaging Specifications.

      We also offer you peace of mind by supplying you with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and informative product bulletins for each product they manufacture. Quality is the foundation on which Jack Buford the late founder of Buford Auto Finishes built their business. Maintaining their high standard of quality for more than half of a century has given PRO products their reputation as a leading manufacturer in this industry today.

      Rigorous quality controls ensure consistency and uniformity throughout a products life cycle. Each product is tested and graded for technical characteristics specified by BAF chemists, such as performance, color, pH, viscosity, climate testing and more. In addition PRO performs date coding and sample retention for a long term observation. This helps assure reliable, uniform performance in the final product whenever it may be used.

      Detail Supply Outlet also features Mytee Products, SM Arnold Cleaning Accessories, and Allbrite Car Care Products, manufacturers since 1965, specializing in the Car Wash Industry. Stay on the leading edge with Allbrite. After years testing products with dealers, car washes, body shops and detail shops, we carry the most complete line of auto detailing supplies and car care products in San Diego California. Come in and check out our wide selection of quality auto detailing products at discount prices.

      We will keep you updated on all the new state-of-the-art auto detailing products and equipment. Visit our showroom store filled with over 600 items which include Teflon Paint Sealants, Fabric Protectants and all the latest auto detailing tools, products and accessories.

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For help finding anything related to auto detailing, we would gladly help you find what you need. Please contact one of our auto detailing experts for assistance.


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