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Tire Dressings Overview & Tire Dressings Review

The difference between oil based and water based tire dressings...

   Tire dressings are the best way to highlight your great looking vehicle. You have waxed and polished your vehicle, removed stains and odors and looked after the upholstery and leather. Now it's time to tackle the shine of your tires. Nothing gets noticed more quickly after waxing than your glossy tires. They really complete "the look" that auto detailers want. Tire dressings will give your tires a new shiny look to them that will impress even the biggest enthusiasts.

   You can use solvent or oil based tire dressings for a High Gloss and "wet look" shine to your tires. Oil base dressings are a combination of Waterproof Solvents and Silicones that when dried become a water resistant, long lasting premium dressing. You can choose instead to use water based tire dressings for that satin-like new tire appearance. Generally speaking, tire dressings help to prevent cracking, fading and hardening of your tires. Tire dressings also help to revitalize rubber while leaving a rich shine. Many tire dressings also give great protection to all rubber and plastic moldings as well as removing wax residue that gets onto any trim or moldings.

   Most tire dressings can be either sprayed on or wiped on, depending on the circumstances and your own preferences. Some of our many tire dressings are formulated to wash off easily, other tire dressings are formulated to heavily resist rinsing off. Customer tire dressings reviews may be found here at to help your shopping experience. Don't forget, tire dressings will complete the fantastic look of your vehicle and even turn heads your way.

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